Hi, my name is Frikkie, and this is my story.

I was abandoned when the humans moved home, I was left with nothing. No food, no water, no shelter. I was lucky enough that the neighbour noticed and was kind enough to have looked after me. She then contacted Boston Terrier Rescue South Africa (BTRSA) and notified them of my plight.

They (BTRSA) sprang into action and sent my very own chauffeur to come and fetch me. I was then lucky enough to go into a foster home. My foster family (who quickly nicknamed me Frikkie Bikkie) saw how very skinny I was (yay for treats!), and they noticed that I had some scratches over my body and that there was something wrong with my “boy bits”. They got me to a vet who checked me from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail. My “boy bits” were in a bad way, and they had to do some skin scrapes to make sure there were no ugly bugs lurking. The vets gave my foster family medicine, and a strict to-do list so that I could get healthy, get snipped and be healthy enough to find my forever family.

After a few more visits to the vet (YUCK!!) I was eventually given the all clear. I was the star of the show and had my very own photo shoot! (this is also known as Foster Mama whipping out her camera all the time because I’m a handsome boy!)

A lovely couple saw my photo and decided they had to meet me. BTRSA conducted a home check (because I deserve only the best) and when they were happy, I went to meet them and their girl fur-child. Needless to say, I charmed the whole entire family, and I now have a forever family of my own!

If it weren’t for the kind neighbour, the volunteers of BTRSA and the kind vets (this is still a bit debatable) – Who knows where I would be! But most importantly, it’s all the awesome suppawters who donate to BTRSA via the My School Card who make it all possible. No donation is ever too small! And listing BTRSA as a beneficiary means you help us without even knowing it!

Thank you to all the suppawters of BTRSA for changing my life for the better!

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