Once the application form is completed, we will keep all your details on file and try match to a bostie that will suit your home. The more information we have about your home, the easier it is for us. We take a few applications for each rescue and slowly work through them all – and then schedule home checks (Covid-19 protocols will always be adhered to). This process takes a little time, please be patient with us. Please trust us to match the right bostie to your home.

Please include photos of your home to show us that it is safe and secure for a new pet. (Gates, driveway, fence, wall, pool) and a shelter outside for when you are out. Also show us where the new doggy would sleep at night.

Meet and greets will happen at the foster home or a suitable location that we identified. The potential home will be invited to visit the Bostie there. If meetings go well the Bostie could go home with the new family if the Adoption Contract is signed, and fees are paid.

Adoption fees are:

  • Young Adult (under 6 years of age) R1500 (includes the microchip fee)
  • Young adult pair (under 6 years of age) R2200 (includes the microchip fee)
  • Senior Adult (over 7 years of age) R900 (includes the microchip fee)
  • Senior Adult Pair (over 7 years of age) R1500 (includes the microchip fee)

*Adoption Fees include Vaccinations: 5in1 and Rabies, deworming, a microchip and compulsory sterilisation.

Travel – Out of town adoptions: In the case of a 50km + radius travel fees will be quoted on.


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