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Bobtail Interview

Shannon, Shula And Mr T where up early on Wednesday morning doing there bit for Bostons in need by going down to SABC 3 and giving the public a bit of info on how to help Boston’s all over the country.


Bella & Buster

Bella & Buster were surrendered to Boston Terrier Rescue due to their owners moving, and were flown to Cape Town to be re-homed. We had high hopes of homing them together, but after a month-long assessment in a foster home it was determined that Bella was more suited to a quieter environment, whilst Buster was ideally suited to a home with children and lots of activity. Bella lives happily with her new sister and her stay at home mom and Buster has embraced a fun and fulfilling family life in Gordon’s bay.


Tallulah was born in a puppy mill and had spent her whole life in a cage no bigger than a cupboard, stunting her physical and emotional growth. The mill was closed down and Tallulah was fostered by a Boston Terrier Rescue member until she was rehabilitated and was able to find a forever home. Her rehabilitation included discovering what grass felt like,


Chester was spotted by one of our members as “Free to a good home” on Gumtree and collected the same day from owners who were not at all concerned about his future or well being. He required an eye operation to rid himself of Cherry eye-a common affliction that can be easily treated and was fostered until a wonderful new home was found. Chester now lives happily in Jo’burg and spends many hours enjoying play dates with his French bulldog cousin!


 Jake and his brother Hank are Boston/Bulldog mixed breed boys that were rescued by a Boston Terrier Rescue member from their local vet. Fostered until they were ready for adoption, Hank became a foster fail and has been adopted by his rescuers, with Jake being re-homed to a house where he is growing up to be a well adjusted and much loved addition to the family.