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Penny & Poppy


Meet Penny & Poppy Penny is only 4 and Poppy is 2 years old. These 2 girls are happy, playful and active! They not use to going out but pretty happy to play at home on their yard 😊 a yard to run and play is a

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Stella & Wilson


Stella & Wilson This is Stella (7 years) & Wilson (6 years). I have never seen a bostie this mad about a ball! Stella is this tiny little ‘mouse’ who probably only weighs 6kg. She plays ball all on her own - flicks it up into the

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Bostie & Puggy pair


Bostie & Puggy pair It’s not often that we get a Puggy in our care. Look at this gorgeous face! Tikie (male bostie) & Molly (a Pug cross bostie female) pair are only 6 years old. Perfectly healthy! They are at our kennels in Jhb south currently

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I’m a frosty-Bostie and my name is Lulu Lulu was adopted from Boston Rescue 5 years ago and sadly she is back up for adoption as her family moved. Lulu is about 8 years old now, she’s a healthy girly so nothing to worry about. Unfortunately Lulu


Teddy & Ziggy


This is Teddy & his friend Ziggy😊 They are both in the care of Boston Rescue now and we are hoping we can find them a foster (or forever home!). They have to stay at the kennels in Jhb while we look for one... Teddy (male) is 5 years

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To Breed or Not to Breed?


TO BREED OR NOT TO BREED? This is the question (my apologies to Mr. Shakespeare…)  By Karen Peak, West Wind Dog Training I am not even going to start hounding you about the millions of animals euthanized each year in shelters or that die on the streets. No

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